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What you can do:
* as a website admin/newspaper publisher: Do not use AMP!
* as a user: Use another browser (uhm @firefox) and use an "no AMP" add-on:

#noamp #nogoogle [3/3]

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I tend to think that a billionaire is automatically not a good person. A good person would say "hmm. I'm making money really fast, and I don't need more than, let's say $10 million... what can I do to benefit the planet that's given me this bounty?". And then they'd change their business model to do that thing. I cannot see a billionaire as admirable or good.

Here's a fun project I've been helping develop; create ram-only virtual machines from Dockerfiles that boot in seconds! Currently supports VirtualBox, QEMU/KVM and hyperkit.

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Start a blog and write your first article, get $20. Write another 3 articles within six months and get another $20.

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Mark Zuckerberg is a piece of shit. His platform sucks ass so now that governments are investigating it he's all like, I wish it could be better but there's no laws for it, it's not my fault! Fuck off

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When I think about art, I think about my friend the cello teacher. She said something like, "In a way, I want musical instruction to go back to its original purpose. That is, we learn to play music because if we don't, there is no music." We should view art the same way. We make art so that there is art in the world. We should never say, "but it's been done." or, "I can just buy any of the mass produced art" We should think, "If I don't make this, there won't be anything."

@sir Which copy of His Dark Materials is that? Looks very nice!

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You can avoid #YouTube's weird algorithms and broken subscription system by subscribing to channels through RSS instead. You don't need an account, just a feed reader.

Put the channel's username in this address:

You can then add this RSS address to your feed reader app.

For example, OnePotChefShow's RSS feed is:

You can also make RSS feeds from channel IDs (strings of letters and numbers):

#RSS #BringBackRSS

@kev There's an app called Yalp store (play store backwards 🙂) that can be used to install apps from the Play store without having the legit Play Store app installed. You can even log in with your google account and download apps you've previously payed for. Technically it's against the terms of service, but I haven't heard of anyone getting their account banned for using it. Worth noting that you can't use it to verify apps, so if the app has internal DRM it probably won't run.

@rysiek Just finished writing the first draft of my site using Hugo. It has some quirks and the documentation could use a bit of work, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Looks to have some nice frontend options for content management as well if you don't want to do everything from text files.

Most of the static generators I've tried have felt heavy/complicated upfront, but for me that was just part of the learning curve.

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